3 New Tech Items to Increase Brand Awareness

Last year the top performing promotional products category was, without a doubt, technology items. Actually, we continually witness this year after year. Technology accessories are the type of products that transcend all demographics and industries. A C-Level executive benefits from using a power bank to charge her iPhone 6 Plus while waiting to board a flight just as much as the student who needs to keep his tablet charged throughout a lecture in order to take notes.


Clearly mobile devices and other personal electronics are critical necessities in our everyday lives. This is why consumers are not only drawn to these items, but the products fill a legitimate need in their day-to-day activities. Companies looking to increase the return on investment for their next marketing campaign or event should seriously consider the following technology items:

mobile charger

Mobile Charger with MFI Certified Lighting Tip

Emergency mobile chargers (or power banks as some refer to them) are available in all sorts of various designs, sizes, and capacities. Although these are now considered a classic staple, this particular model is one of the newest in the industry. It is ultra thin with a cable that has both an integrated micro USB and the MFI Certified Lighting tip for Apple devices. This means if you forget your charging cord itself, your power bank will still be useful. Also, MFI certification is critical because this means that it is actually certified by Apple and you do not run the risk of harming either your valuable electronic devices or yourself with poorly knocked-off mobile accessories.

wireless earbud headset

SOLO Wireless Earbud Headset

Wireless headphones are in high demand right now, but have you ever found yourself needing just one singular earbud? There are plenty of times where it is important to be aware of your surrounding for safety reasons, but still want to have the ability to listen to music or podcasts. Whether a runner needs to hear traffic approaching them, a warehouse employee needs to listen for potential risks, or a commuter hustling through the urban jungle, the Solo wireless earbud allows them to both answer phone calls and listen to audio while simultaneously staying alert of what is happening.

google cardboard viewer virtual reality

Cobra VR Viewer

Imagine this as the updated version of the classic “View-Master” toy–except this is now virtual reality. It works by starting any virtual reality app, inserting your smartphone into the viewer, and looking through the lenses. This works seamlessly with Google Cardboard and the hundreds of already released virtual reality apps on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Not only does it work with any smartphone, but it also connects with YouTube’s #360Video channel. This is an excellent promotional item because it folds flat for efficient shipping and storage to your next event while providing the “wow” factor of a new dimension of entertainment.


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