Full Color Process Promotional Items for Detailed Logos

There are several different types of decoration methods for promotional products. These range depending on both the type of product and the style of the brand’s logo. Full color process, also commonly referred to as four color process, utilizes four ink colors to create a wide range of colors. This is different from screen printing which only prints one color at a time and can be limiting if a logo contains shading or gradients.


A common issue that can occasionally plague a brand is a logo with too many colors or too much detail. It is often said that your greatest strength can be your greatest weakness. When graphic designers and marketing teams are brainstorming and considering new logos they tend to often forget just how many places that logo will be implemented. The face of your brand appears on letterhead, e-mail signatures, banners, pens, business cards, webpages, and more. What people fail to realize is that although a logo looks gorgeous on a computer screen, it can be either difficult or expensive to imprint on promotional products.


However, just because your logo contains the colors of the rainbow (Google) instead of a simple logo with one (Target) does not mean your brand is doomed. It just takes a little more consideration when choosing promotional products. Here we have compiled a small sampling of products we can imprint using the full color process technique.

Full Color Process Chipboard Cover Notebook

4-Color Process Chipboard Cover Notebook


UL Certified Gale 4 Port AC Adaptor

4 port ac adaptor


Full Color Process Custom Smartphone Wallet


Full Color Process Custom Smartphone Wallet

48″ Auto Open Hotel Umbrella



Full Color Process 48 Auto Open Hotel Umbrella

Full Color Process Presto BPA Free Sport Bottle 23oz



Full Color Process Presto BPA Free Sport Bottle 23oz

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